The And1 Tai Chi was already a legendary sneaker on the blacktops across America when Vince Carter laced up a pair for the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. But Vince Carter’s Dunk Contest win on February 12th, 2000, which is arguably one of the best of all time, put the And1 Tai Chi in front of the millions of kids like me watching on that Saturday evening.

See, in 1998, the NBA decided to replace the Dunk Contest with a WNBA-NBA “2-Ball” contest. Which was so entertaining I don’t even remember it. In 1999, there was no All-Star Weekend because of the lockout when wealthy people argue over money, it’s the fans that have to pay the price. Needless to say, fans like myself were hungry for a real dunk contest again.

If you need a refresher on all the crazy dunks that Mr. Half Man-Half Amazing pulled off to win his first dunk contest, check the video below. Kenny Smith sums it up best after the very first dunk…”Let’s Go Home!”

Clearly, the reverse 360 (that Reggie Miller says is a top 4 or 5 all-time dunk) set the tone but Mr. Carter had so much more up his sleeve.

To me, it was VC’s second dunk that makes him one of the  dunkers of all time. Bringing out his cousin, Tracy McGrady, and off the bounce, putting it between his legs and still throwing it down with serious authority.

You can check out the rest of the dunks from Vince Carter’s Dunk Contest win, along with some photogenic evidence that he’s one of the all-time greats below.

Vince Carter in AND1 Tai Chi
Vince Carter in And1 Tai Chi 2000 Dunk Contest