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Chris Webber wearing the Reebok Answer 3, scores a career high 51 points.

Chris Webber Scores a Career-High 51 Points

Today in Sneaker History, 2001, Chris Webber scores a career-high 51 points despite losing to the Reggie Miller-led Indiana Pacers. Webber finished the game with 51 points, 26 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocked shots and was wearing Allen Iverson’s signature shoe from Reebok, the Answer 3. The former Fab Five star put …

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Michael Jordan 30,000 Point Club

Michael Jordan Joins 30,000 Point Club

Michael Jordan’s career and sneakers are as synonymous with Chicago as the freezing cold winds the city earned its nickname from. But one of MJ’s most impressive accomplishments didn’t happen while wearing the iconic #23 Chicago Bulls jersey, but rather, against his former team from the Windy City. While LeBron James steadily climbs to the …

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TISH: Paul George Returns

Today in Sneaker History Paul George triumphantly returned to basketball on the world’s grandest stage – the 2016 Olympic Games. Two summers prior George suffered a catastrophic leg injury during an exhibition game for Team USA on a routine layup play. We won’t show it to you out of respect to PG, but if you Google …

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TISH: Ray Allen’s Clutch 3-Pointer

Ray Allen with The Shot. Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler via Getty Images Today in sneaker history Ray Allen saved the Miami Heat by hitting one of the most clutch shots, ever! The Heat trailed the Spurs 92-95 with less than twenty seconds left in regulation in a modern slugfest. Here’s how it played out: …

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TISH: Jordan’s 4th MVP

Tales of Michael Jordan are interwoven into sports history so deeply that he’s universally recognized as an unchallengeable GOAT (ie. Muhammad Ali & Michael Phelps) – that’s nothing new. But it’s important to remember because within the ‘Story of Michael Jordan’ there are so many chapters of greatness that we lose a little context. The …

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TISH: Dame Time

Today in Sneaker History Damian Lillard scorched the Utah Jazz to the tune of 59 points! The Utah Jazz were (are) fantastic on defense so it’s super impressive to put up a fiddy-piece on them and win! The Blazer point guard not only set a personal career high, but he also set the Moda Center …

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TISH: Mike, The Young Bull

On this date in 1987 Michael Jordan displayed true offensive wizardry with a 58 point performance against the (awful) New Jersey Nets. His performance set a then Bulls record for single game scoring in a home game, but Jordan went on to score 60+ on the road twice that same season (MJ’s career record is …

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TISH: Kyrie’s Double-Nickel

Today in Sneaker History, Kyrie Irving posted a double-nickel against the Portland Trailblazers back in 2015. For those of you unfamiliar with the basketball term ‘double-nickel’ it means 55 points – and was first coined (pun intended) back when MJ dropped 55 against the Knicks fresh out of his first retirement. With Lebron sidelined due …

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LeBron James

TISH: 30k Bron Bron Special

Exactly one year ago today LeBron James became the youngest NBA player to join the 30,000 career point club while battling the San Antonio Spurs! King James joins Kareem, Kobe, Karl (Malone), MJ, Wilt and Dirk as the seventh player to ever reach this distinguished mark. What’s equally impressive it the fact that LeBron James (had) amassed 7,000 …

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MJ VS Shaq

The two time reigning league champions Chicago Bulls and newly formed (via league expansion) Orlando Magic got themselves into one heck of a duel exactly 26 years ago today. The main combatants were none other than the Black Cat himself, Michael Jordan and rookie phenom Shaquille O’Neal. MJ totaled 64 points in a viscous onslaught …

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