Sample Sneakers

Sample sneakers are made for athletes to wear test, for designers to test materials, fitment, durability, and many other things. One of the most sought-after sneaker styles because often times the shoes are truly one of a kind.

Sample Sunday: College AJ3s

We can’t front like shoe sponsorships don’t factor into many prospective college recruits decisions. D1 athletics and big brands like Nike, Under Armor and adidas are closer than Brendan Dunne and Matt Welty – basically Nike (and others) wants to make sure the colleges they sponsor show that Swoosh in each and every appearance. With …

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Sample Sunday: LeBron x Kobe x Michael

Earlier this week LeBron James passed Michael Jordan to become fourth on the NBA’s All-Time Scoring list. King James now sits behind Kareem, The Mailman Karl Malone, and Kobe Bean Bryant, but is poised to pass all three of them by the year 2023. When the kid from Akron broke into the league we knew he’d …

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Sample Sunday: Duke PEs

With one of the hottest stories in college hoops and sneakers this week was Zion Williamson blowing out his Nike PE 2.5s. The incident that transpired within minutes of tipoff was covered so extensively in the media that my 84 year old great aunt texted me about it… For the record, Zion is a massive …

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Sample Sunday: Kobe 9 Evolution

When Kobe became high-key incapacitated due to his Achilles injury at the end of the 2012-13 season his future on the court seemed bleak. Players in the tail ends of their careers don’t bounce back from injuries very well and Kobe was no different – we all (sadly) knew he was done that fateful game …

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Sample Sunday: Air Jordan 7 Flavors

The Air Jordan 7 is famous for being the shoe’s on the feet of MJ as he dismantled the Portland Trailblazers for his second (consecutive) NBA Championship in 1992. Sneakerheads have a complex relationship with the 7, it’s both underrated and appreciated at the same time. Classic colorways like the Raptors and Bordeaux are distinctly early …

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Ray Allen

Sample Sunday: Ray Allen x MLK

Who had a more decorated Jordan Brand PE arsenal than Ray Allen? No one, it’s not even close. Over the course of Ray’s eighteen year career big shots were hit, championships were won and absolutely bonkers Air Jordan PEs were laced up. The U-Conn product signed with Jordan Brand in 1997 as one of the …

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Sample Sunday: Drake VS Lil’ Wayne

Dynamic duos in Hip-Hop thump, especially when it’s two rappers in the same camp rocking with one another. Jay-Z and Kayne’s partnership around the time of Watch The Throne (2011) comes to mind, and so does Snoop and Dre’s Cali dominance a la 1992 & 1993 (s/o to Mos Def and Talib Kweli AKA Black Star). …

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Sample Sunday: LBJ 9 Elites

Lets keep the good times rolling with another LeBron James Nike sample installment of Sample Sundays. Today, we explore a LeBron 9 Elite set that never officially released but show up from time-to-time on “the internets” (shouts to Dallas Penn). The LeBron 9 Elite was Nike’s third time releasing a post-season shoe for King James, but …

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Sample Sunday: Blackout 11s

With Concord mania in full effect this weekend we wanted to take a look back at one of the more mysterious Air Jordan 11s to never release – the Blackouts. Lets rewind back to 2010 and the Air Jordan 11 retro landscape looked much different; instead of having 4+ pairs of 11s (mid, low, IE) releasing …

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Sample Sunday: Koji Special

Atmos’s retro of the Air Max 1 & 95 Animal Pack from 2006 generated all the hype a proper collaborative release should in 2018. Us simple American folk probably attribute the shoe’s success because of today’s sneaker climate and nothing more – “they’re worth a lot because someone told me they’re worth a lot”. A solid …

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