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Reebok Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Iverson’s Question Mid

A glimmer of hope throughout 2020 has been Reebok’s onslaught Question retros. Since AI’s 2016 NBA Hall-Of-Fame induction, Reebok has paid homage to its star’s legacy through releases that explore every facet of Iverson. From fishing rods to crossovers – we’ve successfully familiarized ourselves with Allen’s life through exceptional sneaker storytelling. On 8/21 we’ll get …

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Nike’s Mind & Body Remedy: The Offline

What happens when Team Cozy meets Team No-Phone? You get the Nike Offline. Nike’s new mule-like slip-on seeks to help you do… nothing. Everything about the Offline is designed for one purpose, relaxed comfort. From the exposed-foam padded tongue to the cushioned adjustable strap. Armed with two sets of unique sensory drop-in midsoles, the Nike …

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Converse All-Star Rodman 4 Championship Rings Ad, 1997.

Sneaker Ads: Converse All-Star Rodman

Dennis Rodman is often called the ‘wild child of the NBA’ but I like to think he was just ahead of his time. Colored hair, tattoos, living the life he wants to live, zero f*cks given? Sounds like a SoundCloud rapper just a couple decades ahead of SoundCloud. Rodman’s second signature model with Converse, the …

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Be Like Mike

When it comes to athlete catchphrases few compare to Michael Jordan’s “Be like Mike.” Upon reading that you heard the ’90’s voice say it, huh? It’s instinctual – we all know it without really even trying. What’s crazy is that most people don’t know where the slogan came from… well, it originated from Michael’s Gatorade …

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Michael Jordan Posters - Jumpman 6 Rings Photo

Wall Space: Michael Jordan Posters

In today’s installment of Wall Space we’re going to take a look back at some lesser-known Michael Jordan posters and ads from back in the day. Our only rules were that each poster must come from before the year 2000 and we wanted MJ posters that aren’t seen as often as others. So, we did …

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Wall Space: Classic Adidas

  Before the days of social media posts and influencers there was good ol’ print advertising. Brands had a page or two to get the word out about their newest products and to throw some serious shade at their competitors. Why not be bold? A lot of our readers can probably relate to cutting up …

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Penny 1

Twenty-three years ago Penny Hardaway was formally given a sneaker of his own. His affiliation with the Foamposite and Flight One built hype within the hearts of star gazed fans so when the Penny 1 dropped in 1995 the masses were ready with open wallets. via Nike Penny’s game transcended the point guard position in …

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Wall Space: Classic Nike SB

Since its inception in 2002 Nike SB has maintained a steady roster of skateboarding’s top athletes. At first, Nike’s entry into the skateboarding word was criticized with many being skeptical of the brand’s ability to authentically cater to the market. Luckily, SB has blossomed into a massive arm of Nike with skateboarders accepting the Swoosh’s …

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Wall Space: Modern Nike Basketball

They Don’t make ’em like they used to Ain’t that the truth? In the digital age sneaker ad campaigns have taken a drastic turn. Instagram, Twitter, in-store and websites are the only places consumers visually interact with new product. Previous editions of Wall Space have primarily been wall posters and magazine ads so when you …

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Wall Space: Basketball Posters

Growing up there was never enough room for magazine cutouts and posters. If only I had endless Wall Space for all my favorite kicks! Weekly, we’ll share a mixed bag of athlete/ shoe advertisements and posters. This week will feature basketball campaigns from the past and present. Checkout the slideshow and tell us which ad …

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