Wall Space: Classic Nike SB

Since its inception in 2002 Nike SB has maintained a steady roster of skateboarding’s top athletes. At first, Nike’s entry into the skateboarding word was criticized with many being skeptical of the brand’s ability to authentically cater to the market. Luckily, SB has blossomed into a massive arm of Nike with skateboarders accepting the Swoosh’s place in their sport. Take a look at some of their ad campaigns below and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Theotis Beasley: Dunk Low

2. Omar Salazar: Lunar Salazar

3. Paul Rodriguez: P-Rod 6

4. Paul Rodriguez: P-Rod Retro

5. Paul Rodriguez: P-Rod V

6. Sean Malto: Zoom Koston

7. Eric Koston: Zoom Koston


8. Paul Rodriguez: P-Rod 9 R/R (Relax/Recover)

9. Cory Kennedy: Zoom Janoski

10. Gino Iannucci: Dunk Low Gino

11. Youness Amrani: Team Edition 2



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