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Kylie Jenner MF Doom Dunks

Kylie Jenner Wearing SB Dunks Is The Best Thing In Sneakers Right Now

What sneakers Is Kylie Jenner wearing? I would have never thought that Kylie Jenner sneakers would be something I’d care about, or ever write about. But that seems to be a common question as of late, and quite frankly, not one I would have ever expected to see across the sneaker blogs and social media …

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Sitting Treasures: Jordan 1 x Nike SB “NYC to Paris”

Not long ago (two weeks to be exact), Jordan Brand graced sneakerheads with these highly anticipated collaborations. This drop was yet another banging partnership between the Jordan 1 and Nike SB. No stranger to the hype, these Jordan 1s were sure to fly off shelves and cause distress to all SNKRS app users, and for …

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Nike SB & an Introduction to The Colorways

Let’s perform a social experiment: go outside (get some fresh air) and watch the feet of those that pass by… Which types of sneakers do you see? There’s a good chance 2-3 street steppers had sooooome type of Nike SBs on-foot. But why? When did Nike SB become one of the most approachable sneaker lines …

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The Sneaker of Summer 2019: Air Jordan 1

Winter is finally over! Now it’s time to break out your favorite kicks and un-deadstock those grails for everyone to see. We all know a flood of new releases are on the horizon, but there’s always a specific model that becomes the sneaker of the summer. Whether its a pair of all-whites or the newest …

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Dunk School: Marvel Avengers

Avengers Assemble! Marvel’s Captain Marvel releases next week and it inspired us to take everyone to Dunk School… even though Captain Marvel isn’t featured in this post (inspiration is inspirate! Super hero themes are common throughout Nike’s history, but the number of branded Marvel collaborations are few. The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Air Jordan 1s …

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Nike Pigeon Dunks

Pigeon Dunk – Part III

As SB Dunks are making their way into the forefront of the sneaker community, again, it looks like we will be graced with some solid releases (fingers crossed). And next up, Jeff Staple and Nike will be continuing the wave of hyped dunk releases (Diamond Dunk and Concepts “Purple Lobster”) by dropping the third iteration …

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Dunk School: Eric Koston

Anyone who’s been following skateboarding for the last twenty years knows Eric Koston. The Thailand native is one of the most influential skaters of all time and his track record speaks for itself. He’s been in legendary skate videos like Girl’s Yeah Right, Lakai’s Fully Flared and Supreme’s Cherry. The skills he’s been polishing since ’92 translate well from the …

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Air Jordan 1: The SB Dunk Killer

With the building hype and anticipation of the latest Concepts x SB Dunk “Purple Lobster” release, I wondered if the seemingly dead SB Dunk has possibly been revived. This sudden thrust back into the limelight, made me think to ask, “What really happened to the SB Dunk?” Then, it all became clear. I figured out …

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Pig Shoes? Pig shoes!

Being Thanksgiving week a vast majority of us will be prepping some nice turkeys for mass consumption. Turkey’s place as the official mascot (does it count as a mascot if you eat it? We don’t know, you tell us.) of Thanksgiving results in other quality meats being left by the wayside. Here at Sneaker History …

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Wall Space: Classic Nike SB

Since its inception in 2002 Nike SB has maintained a steady roster of skateboarding’s top athletes. At first, Nike’s entry into the skateboarding word was criticized with many being skeptical of the brand’s ability to authentically cater to the market. Luckily, SB has blossomed into a massive arm of Nike with skateboarders accepting the Swoosh’s …

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