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Converse All-Star Rodman 4 Championship Rings Ad, 1997.

Sneaker Ads: Converse All-Star Rodman

Dennis Rodman is often called the 'wild child of the NBA' but I like to think he was just ahead of his time. Colored hair, tattoos, living the life he wants to live, zero f*cks given? Sounds like a SoundCloud rapper just a couple decades ahead of SoundCloud. Rodman's second ...

2020 NBA All-Star Sneaker Releases

2020 NBA All-Star Sneaker Releases

All-Star Weekend has been the most anticipated time of the year for sneaker releases since Michael Jordan and Nike began debuting the signature Air Jordan model back in the late 1980s. The 2020 NBA All-Star Sneaker Releases that are scheduled for February's All-Star festivities in Chicago are shaping up to ...

RIP: Wilt Chamberlain

The phrase "larger than life" is cliché and over used, right? In a time full of superficial hype and self promotion we all want to be 'on'; we want everyone to see our highlight reels on social media; but back in the day there was a man who did it so big he became legendary (S/O to ...

TISH: Vintage Showtime

On a sunny parade day through Los Angeles celebrating the Laker's 1987 championship head coach Pat Riley famously proclaimed that his squad would repeat as champs. Boooooold move for most, but Pat is a man who's never been scared to speak his mind publicly - his words would later be ...

Pillar of the Game

How do you define an athlete that's so multifaceted and complex that he transcends the game itself? Bill Russell is the champion of NBA basketball with 11 titles under his belt in 13 seasons. He was the first player to win an NCAA Championship, NBA Championship and Olympic Gold and Bill completed ...

Waiting to McHale

The 1980's style of basketball was often a physical slugfest predicated on defense and tenacity. History has favored the 'Bad Boys' of Detroit in terms of notorious defenses but the Boston Celtics of the same era had their own brand of hard nose defense. Boston took on the personality of ...

NCAA Leaders

Unbelievable talent has graced the NCAA hardwood since 1939. Every year a new crop of players enter the NCAA hoping to bring pride and honor to their respective campuses. Lucky players achieve their championship aspirations while others enjoy individual success. Today we'll focus on the individual achievers; the players that proudly sit atop the NCAA record boards ...

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