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Unbelievable talent has graced the NCAA hardwood since 1939. Every year a new crop of players enter the NCAA hoping to bring pride and honor to their respective campuses. Lucky players achieve their championship aspirations while others enjoy individual success. Today we’ll focus on the individual achievers; the players that proudly sit atop the NCAA record boards (and their kicks)!

Individual Division 1 records are extremely difficult to break. A large chunk of them have sat unchallenged for decades. ‘Baffling’ best describes some of the records we’ll be covering. Click through the slideshow below to see the shoes these giants were rocking during their record setting careers.

1. Total Points: Pete Maravich, G. 83 games played; 1967- 1970; 3,667 points; 44.2 PPG

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Pistol Pete’s scoring records will never be broken. He did it all without a three point line and in low top Chucks too, unbelievable.

2. Total Rebounds: Tom Gola, F. 118 games played; 1951-1954 2,201 rebounds

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Options weren’t available in the ’50’s like they are today. Like a G, Tom rocked Converse All-Stars.

3. Total Assists: Bobby Hurley, G. 140 games played; 1989-1993; 1,076 assists

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Weird seeing a Duke player wearing the Three Stripes, huh? Hurley was dishing out dimes to Christian Laettner and Grant Hill in the Adidas Artillery and Adidas Bank Shot.

4. Total Blocks: Jarvis Varnado, F. 141 games played; 2006- 2010; 564 blocks


Varnado sent shots away in Adidas models like the TS Creator, 2009 Pro-Model and the TS Supernatural Creator.

5. Total Steals: John Linehan, G. 122 games played; 1997- 2002, 385 steals

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Linehan playing in the extremely popular Nike Shoe BB4. He was known to lace up some Jordans like the Black Toe 14’s.

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