Michael Jordan Joins 30,000 Point Club

Michael Jordan’s career and sneakers are as synonymous with Chicago as the freezing cold winds the city earned its nickname from. But one of MJ’s most impressive accomplishments didn’t happen while wearing the iconic #23 Chicago Bulls jersey, but rather, against his former team from the Windy City. While LeBron James steadily climbs to the top of the stat lists, and Vince Carter somehow continues to defy aging, we can’t help but look back at Michael Jordan joining the 30,000 point club on this day in 2002.

MJ became the second-fastest NBA player to reach 30,000 points, behind Wilt Chamberlain who reached 30k in 941 games, by knocking down a pair of free throws. Uneventful, but then again, it could be said that most of MJ’s time with the Washington Wizards was a bit lackluster. Michael was wearing the Air Jordan 17 in the white and blue colorway that he often wore during his time with the Wizards, which is undoubtedly why the Air Jordan 17 is one of the few ‘late-model’ Air Jordans that still has a decent following amongst most of the sneakerheads in the world. What’s crazy to think about, is that Michael Jordan took 3 years off from the game of basketball in his career, which makes his reaching the 30,000 point mark much more impressive than the two free throws would make it seem. Imagine if you subtracted 3 years off the careers of any other player in NBA History. Would they still rank near the top of the record books? It doesn’t seem like it.

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Fans celebrate Michael Jordan joining the 30,000 point club.