Wall Space: Basketball Posters

Growing up there was never enough room for magazine cutouts and posters. If only I had endless Wall Space for all my favorite kicks! Weekly, we’ll share a mixed bag of athlete/ shoe advertisements and posters. This week will feature basketball campaigns from the past and present. Checkout the slideshow and tell us which ad you remember!

15. Nike: Anthony Davis

AD’s crazy growth spurt late in high school and offensive evolution made him literally come out of nowhere.

14. Adidas: Derrick Rose

Adidas made an aggressive push for D-Rose’s return from his second major injury.  Adding an abundance of pressure that Derrick’s mind and body weren’t ready for.

13. Nike: Air Force II

Almost every old Nike ad is funny, these super hightop Air Force II’s are no different.

12. Nike: Blake Griffin, Hyperdunk 2011

Blake made the jump to Jordan shortly after this ad in 2012. The 2011 Hyperdunk would prove the line could succeed on a yearly release schedule.

11. Converse: Larry & Magic

A contender for the most iconic basketball tag line and advertising? Yes! Larry & Magic were in the middle of their historic rivalry, which only added to the strength of this marketing.

10. FILA: Grant Hill

If Grant remained healthy then we would have seen a lot more FILA releases. Imagine a healthy Hill teamed up with a youthful T-Mac… if only he were a real magician.

9. Nike: Jamaal Wilkes

Jamaal’s game was so smooth they called him silk.

8. Reebok: Shawn Kemp

Could this poster be more ’90’s? No, it couldn’t. Kemp was the ’90’s with his thunderous dunks (lightning not included).

7. Nike: Kevin Durant

Who’s that guy in an OKC Thunder Jersey? The KDV was primed to succeed after Durant’s appearance in the NBA Finals the year before, unfortunately, life happens.

6. Converse: Kevin Johnson

If you told us this was one of Johnson’s political ads then we might’ve believed you. It’s even crazier that Converse still retros the KJ.

5. Nike: Michael Jordan

The kicks – iconic. The people – iconic. This ad still has us drooling over the Jordan III.

4. Nike: Kobe Bryant

Kobe’s ninth model released with him sidelined so Nick Young debuted the shoe. The art of attack was mastered with the first use of Flyknit on a basketball shoe.

3. Converse: All-Stars

Where it all began, the Converse All-Star. Before Boost and Air cushioning there was only rubber.

2. Puma: Walt Frazier

We won’t be mad if you didn’t know the Clyde was the signature shoe of Clyde The Glide (pimpin’ not included). The silhouette still gets rocked to this day.

1. Adidas: Rick Barry

The theme of longevity runs through this list and the Adidas Top 10 is no different. Before social media, companies had to use a combination of shade, tech specs and proclamations to differentiate their products from competitors.


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