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TISH: Reggie Miller Scores 8 points in 9 seconds in Nike Air Up

Reggie Miller Free Throw

Sorry Knicks fans but you might want to skip this post. On this date in 1995 Reggie Miller pulled off a comeback for the ages, by himself, in just nine seconds. There may have been some non-calls, but hey, this was 90’s NBA basketball. And he still had to make some miraculous shots in front of a very vocal hometown New York Knicks crowd during the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Reggie Miller in Nike Air Up
Reggie Miller in Nike Air Up

With 18.7 second left the Indian Pacers found themselves down six points with the ball at half-court. That is when “Miller-Time” started. A perfect inbounds pass to Miller and a smooth shot lead to a three-pointer in just over two seconds. The Knicks had some trouble with getting the ball in and Miller got away with a push, allowing him to grab a steal. He ran back to the 3-pt line, turnaround…..swish. Tie game.

The hometown team was reeling and it didn’t help that John Starks missed both free throws after getting fouled. Grabbing the rebound Miller got fouled, then calmly made both his free throws with 7.5 seconds left on the clock. That would be the final score to the game and the Pacers would steal the first game of a long series.

For the game Miller had on a pair of Nike Air Up’s. And those were the sneakers he wore when the Pacers finally defeated the Knicks in a 7-game, brutal series, making up for their 7-game series loss to the Knickerbockers the previous year. Like I mentioned earlier, sorry Knicks fans.

Reggie Miller driving in Nike Air Up
Reggie Miller driving in Nike Air Up

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