Apparently there is something about the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls and the Playoffs. May 7th is the anniversary of Michael Jordan’s “The Shot” and May 8th is another day Bulls fans can look back on and smile. Over the past few years injuries, usually to Derrick Rose, have hampered the Bulls chances of going deep in the Playoffs. But in 2015 the team welcome back their former MVP point guard to the NBA’s second season after sitting out the previous 3. Adidas was certainly happy to see the star wearing his signature model on the floor as well, as the D Rose Boost 5 was featured not only on Rose but his teammates as well.

Derrick Rose in the adidas D Rose Boost 5, LeBron James in the Nike LeBron 12

With the series tied at one game a piece, game 3 of the second-round series was going down to the wire. In the last-minute the Bulls had small leads that the Cavaliers were able to get rid of mainly due to the heroics of J.R. Smith. After a weird non-call against LeBron James, the Bulls had the ball at half-court with 3 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Out of a timeout the play developed. Rose received the ball and thanks to a screen by Taj Gibson got a three-point shot up over the out-stretched hands of Tristan Thompson. Bang! Banks open. Game Bulls.

Derrick Rose in the adidas D Rose Boost 5

The result was not only a 2-1 lead in the series, but one of the best meme-ready images of the year. Game blouses. Of course LeBron James would get his revenge, in the very next game in fact. And the Cavaliers would of course go on to win the series. But for that one night Cavs fans once again felt the pain of a Bulls star hitting a buzz-beater on their team in the playoffs.

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