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And1 Tai Chi x Slam Magazine

Awesome But Forgotten And1 Tai Chi Colorways

Awesome Forgotten And 1 Tai Chi ColorwaysIf you were lucky enough to live/survive the 90s as a teenager, then And1 and their trash talking t-shirts advertised in the backs of magazines like Slam, were everything. Up until 1993 when And1 was launched, trash talking was reserved for the basketball court. The faceless characters delivered zings like “Do you have a lighter? You’re about to get smoked.” and “Give and Go. Give up and go home.” The crazy part is because the internet was such a different place back then, that the fact that they started making sneakers a few years later, was completely unexpected. And they somehow managed to sign stars like Stephon Marbury and Kevin Garnett, was insane.

And 1 Tai Chi Vince Carter 2000 Dunk Contest PE Sneakers

And1 Tai Chi 2000 Slam Dunk Champion Vince Carter PE

Of course, the modern-day internet folklore has come to focus on the And 1 Tai Chi and the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Vince Carter, Toronto Raptors star and at the time, one of the most exciting players in the game laced up a red and white pair, which solidified the And1 Tai Chi as one of the most storied sneakers of the modern era. In 1999 when the And1 Tai Chi originally released, retail was $75. Thinking back about other shoes in the era, Foamposites, Jordans, etc., the price point and lightweight design made the shoes one of the most competitive shoes on the market. Add to that a color scheme that seems to look good in nearly every color combination, it’s no wonder the Tai Chi is making a come back in 2015.



And1 Tai Chi x SLAM Magazine


And 1 Tai Chi "Los Angeles"

And 1 Tai Chi “Los Angeles” (2002) [BTW Ernest is back!!]


And 1 Tai Chi White Black Blue Gum Bottom

And1 Tai Chi (2009)

And 1 Tai Chi Latrell Sprewell PE

And1 Tai Chi Latrell Sprewell New York Knicks PE



And 1 Tai Chi Latrell Sprewell New York Knicks PE Blue/Orange

And1 Tai Chi Latrell Sprewell New York Knicks PE


And 1 Tai Chi St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Celtics

And1 Tai Chi “St. Patrick’s Day”


And 1 Monta Ellis PE

And1 Tai Chi Monta Ellis PE (2009)


And 1 Tai Chi Low Fluorescent Pack

And1 Tai Chi Low Fluorescent Pack (2011)


And 1 Tai Chi "Chicago"

And1 Tai Chi “Chicago” (2002)



And 1 Tai Chi Original Ad

And1 Tai Chi Original Advertisement (1999)


And 1 Tai Chi New York City

And1 Tai Chi New York (2002)


And 1 Tai Chi Los Angeles

And1 Tai Chi “Los Angeles” (2002)


Awesome Forgotten And 1 Tai Chi Colorways Sole Collector Sole Bar

Sole Collector x And1 Tai Chi “Sole Bar” (2007)


BAIT x And 1 Tai Chi

Good luck to those looking to grab the BAIT x And1 Tai Chi “Blue Apples”


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