With the recent news that Nike is ending its partnership with Amazon, I started to wonder who, if anyone, was still selling Nikes on the site. That, of course, led me down a rabbit hole filled with unbelievably fake sneakers that you can buy on Amazon right now. It’s no wonder Nike ended the partnership, but it’s honestly surprising that they even tried it in the first place. Considering how Nike is shutting down accounts for many of its retail partners, a partnership with a site that is mostly known for cheap prices and fast shipping just never really made sense. Nike has perfected its marketing by controlling the messaging and timing of everything. The brand maintains its allure thanks to the way its products are presented, mostly high-quality imagery or video designed to appeal to the aspiring athletes of the world. Amazon, on the other hand, is the internet’s equivalent of the swap meet, mostly good people trying to make an extra buck or two, with shitheads sprinkled in that take advantage of those that don’t know any better and ruin the trust levels for everyone.

But here we are, 2 years later, and it happened. Nike and Amazon tried to work together. The result seems less than desirable. At least we have these Unbelievably Fake Sneakers Available on Amazon now. So, there’s that.


Air Jordan 13 Knockoff

Fashion” might be my new favorite catchphrase. But the description is where it gets even better…”These are not Jordan,if you care ,please don’t order.thanks.”


Air Griffey Max x Air Jordan 6 Hybrid

If there were ever two sneakers that had no business being fused together, it would be the Nike Air Griffey Max and the Air Jordan 6. But that won’t stop a “creative” footwear designer now, would it? Again, the description is golden…”Suitable for party, sports, indoor, outdoor ,any occasion, casual and trend”


Nike LeBron Soldier

I don’t really know what to say with these. Um, yeah. You might think these look like basketball shoes but…”The fashion sneakers suitable for wailking,running,basketball,Tennis,Badminton,and other sports”


Nike Air Force 1 (with a touch of adidas NMD?)

So many selling points. Where do I even begin? The “Smoke” socks, the “Sudden Wealth” branding, with competition like this on Amazon, it’s no wonder Nike pulled out of their deal. The video on these is really what separates the men from the boys.
No description on these so let me work up one for you… “The Vitike soccer boot is the fastest cleat for every weekend football match, birthday parties, friendsgiving celebrations, and many other casual events. If you never stand still, people from the upper deck of the stadium will think you are wearing Nikes”
You can scoop these Air Max 90 knockoffs with “Classic” or “Fashion” branding. And if you don’t like the line graph logo on the tongue, you can opt for the Union Jack flag instead. These joints are… “the fashion sneakers suitable for jogging,tennis,wailking,running,Leisure,Drive Car”
This one could be called the “What The” of Nike Running shoes. “Air” Cushioning and branding, “Flyknit” upper, and some sort of “Lunar” looking midsole? This is a steal waiting to happen. $39.99 with free Prime shipping.
With Chicago Bulls colors, this is obviously an attempt to appeal to fans of the Air Jordan 1, right? While at the same time tugging at the heartstrings of Air Force 1 collectors or something? At least they have decent spacing and punctuation in their description…”Suitable for various occasions, especially for running, athletic, walking, playing, hiking and more”
How could we not share this Under Armour Steph Curry-like design, complete with Tron-like graphics, and…is that an XBOX logo?