When it comes to Air Jordan 4 colorways, there’s no denying that the originals are still the top choice for sneaker enthusiasts. But what about when Jordan Brand throws all the original colors together as they did for the Jordan 4 What The?

Originally, most of us greeted the AJ4 What The with skepticism and disbelief. How could Jordan really think putting all the original colorways of the Air Jordan 4– Military Blue, Black Cement, White Cement, and Fire Red– onto a single pair could be the right decision? And to use the beloved Nike Air on the heel? Blasphemous. That is until they simply use high-quality materials that make all of us collectively second guess our early judgments.

Ever since the Jordan 4 What The began showing up on YouTube, it was clear that despite the OG in us all that didn’t want to see the original colorways melded together, the material was impressive, to say the least. I couldn’t find a single negative comment about the material. This, despite my dislike of mismatched sneakers, makes me start to think about picking up a pair. Maybe for a custom?

The AJ4 What The might be an acquired taste, but get them in somebody’s hands and that might change things. Just watch our own Mike Guillory’s video below and you’ll see what I mean. You can pick up a pair from retailers like Hibbett if you’re having second thoughts like I am.


Air Jordan 4 What The

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