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10 Years Ago the BEST Air Jordan Pack Released

Air Jordan Defining Moments Pack
Air Jordan Defining Moments Pack

Sneaker packs are something the sneaker community has a love/hate relationship with; we love to see sneakers being retried or finally released at all; we hate that we have to pay so much extra when generally we only want one of the two sneakers.

But packs don’t look like they’ll be going away and Jordan Brand is a big ($) reason for that. Even with rumors being there might possibly a special Kobe Bryant P.E. Air Jordan pack releasing, the best Air Jordan pack that ever created was the first, the Defining Moments pack (DMP).

Air Jordan Defining Moments Pack Package
Air Jordan Defining Moments Pack Package

Released on January 28, 2006, the DMP was created to recognize what Michael Jordan wore while winning the first Championship of both of his three-peat runs with the Chicago Bulls. Gold was the theme of the entire pack as the sneakers were packaged in a two-tier glossy gold box, with a gold booklet. Each sneaker was accompanied by gold dog tags and packed inside connected black boxes with gold accenting. Special tissue and covers to represent the Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 11 were also included.

Air Jordan Defining Moments Pack Booklet and Dogtags
Air Jordan Defining Moments Pack Booklet and Dogtags


  1. This is the most prized part of my collection been offered tons of money for me to split the pack or together i finally wore my defining pack 11s to get the cement 4s at footlocker and some guy asked me if they were fakes cause he never saw the gold stitching on the jumpman i said get your shoe game right lol #sneakerheadforlife

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