Wall Space: Modern Nike Basketball

They Don’t make ’em like they used to

Ain’t that the truth? In the digital age sneaker ad campaigns have taken a drastic turn. Instagram, Twitter, in-store and websites are the only places consumers visually interact with new product. Previous editions of Wall Space have primarily been wall posters and magazine ads so when you compare them, the differences become apparent. This week we’ll look at Nike’s best modern basketball ads. Scroll through the slideshow below and let us know which is your favorite!

15. Kevin Durant, KD V

Footlocker used this poster in their physical locations during the KD V’s release. Deadly dunks were taking place across the county and the culprit evaded capture… Detective Durant was on the case as investigator. Who was the dunker? We’ll never know.

14. Vince Carter, VC 4

Who said “dunkin’ ain’t easy”? Vince Carter didn’t (when he had young legs) here he is being escorted down the runway in the clean BRED VC IV.

13. Tyreke Evans, Hyperdunk 2010 PE

Hard to believe Evans was NBA Rookie of the year once-upon-a-time but his logo “Reke Havoc” was badass. The Sacramento colorway also looks too clean.

12. Steve Nash, Zoom BB

This Eastbay ad breaks down the benefits of Zoom and the composition of the Zoom BB. Nash spearheaded the shoe’s marketing campaign too.

11. LeBron James, Solider XI

The most recent shoe on this list, LeBron’s Solider line has been widely successful as an on-court performance shoe. Simple and direct- King James splits his face with a hardened lion.

10. LeBron James, Zoom LeBron 6

He looks like a baby, huh? LBJ’s 6th signature might not be the best but marketing for the shoe was insanely clever.

9. LeBron James, LeBron 5

The fun and youthfulness in LeBron in his ads from his first stint in Cleveland was infectious. From the boxes to the marketing, everything screamed LeBron. Who thinks LBJ has filled MJ’s shoes?

8. Kobe Bryant, Kobe IX Elite

After Kobe’s injury in 2013 Nike wanted to remind everyone what the Black Mamba had accomplished.

7. Team Jordan

By default, Russ is the only loyal one in his pic… (laughs uncontrollably).

6. 2010 Hyperdunk

…But the Hyperdunk did a lot of things right. This ad reminds us a lot of classic Nike campaigns because it’s brash, cocky and to the point.

5. LeBron James, LeBron 2

LeBron’s second signature shoe took on a life of its own throughout marketing. The Chamber of Fear meant to act as trial for LBJ on his quest to become the greatest. This poster symbolizes ‘complacency.’

4. LeBron Again, LeBron 2

Hype, temptation, haters, complacency and self doubt served as James’s antagonists within the Chamber of Fear. Temptation acts as this poster’s theme.

3. Blake Griffin, Super Fly

Griffin’s time with Jordan Brand hasn’t resulted in a signature shoe bearing his name, but he’s the Super Fly’s head endorser.

2. Nike Shox BB4

No HOVA cus this is the blueprint. The BB4 helped introduce Nike Basketball into the new millennium. Without it, basketball footwear wouldn’t be the same.

1. Amar’e Stoudemire, Air Force STAT

‘Uncontainable monster’ best describes Amar’e’s prime while in Phoenix. Nike 2007 gave him a signature shoe named after his nickname; because Stoudemire could fill the stat sheet.

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