On Tuesday, March 16th, we will kick off SNEAKER CONVOS, a virtual live conversation series featuring sneaker enthusiasts, footwear designers, creators, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. Our goal with the event is to give attendees a better understanding of how the footwear industry works through these conversations, to showcase the opportunities through talks with individual creators and experienced industry professionals, and provide an atmosphere that encourages connection and conversation between the audience, panelists, and guests.

Panels for SNEAKER CONVOS Include:

  • The Evolution of Partnerships Between Creators and Brands

  • The Power of Community: Using Tech to Connect Sneaker Enthusiasts.

  • DIY Design: Hacking Your Own Way

  • The Sneaker Photography Conversation: Tips, Tricks, and More

  • On Brand: Creating Content For Big Business

  • It’s Her Time: Women In Footwear

  • Ending The Recycled Sustainability Buzzword

  • The Future Of Footwear Reviews

  • Roundtable Conversations: Podcast Hosts, YouTube Creators, Trading Cards, Fitted Caps, Agency Professionals & More

  • + MORE

Guest Panelists Include:

  • Jon Wexler, VP of Creators and Influencers at Shopify
  • Dejan Pralica, CEO and Co-Founder of Sole Savy
  • Jacques Slade, YouTube Creator and Entrepreneur
  • Matt Tomamichel, Founder of Corporate Got Em
  • Dave Dombrow, Co-Founder of Speedhack
  • Ryan David Mullins, Founder of Aglet App
  • Qias Omar, YouTube Creator and Entrepreneur
  • Kevin Fallon, Co-Founder of Speedhack
  • Justin Valley, Founder of Prospect
  • Darrin Wilingham, Jr. YouTube Creator and Entrepreneur
  • Renick Bowman, Digital Motion Graphics Designer, Indiana Pacers
  • Seth Fowler, YouTube Creator and Entrepreneur
  • Moh Habib, Founder of Studiiyo23
  • Juli Logemann, Producer at LucasFilm
  • Brandon Edler, Director of Communications at GUESS, Inc.
  • Jeremy Green, Founder of Calling All Creators
  • Mitch Jacobs, Social Media Manager at Twitch
  • Jordan Stark, Founder and Creative Director of Product Etc
  • Harry, Co-Owner of Sole Retriever
  • Brett Golliff, Global Design Manager at Chevrolet
  • Paul Baclawski, Director North America at Sneaker LAB
  • Greg Grovey, Founder of Kickin It ATX
  • Zachary Brown-Kullman, Founder of Hype Club
  • Megan Ann Wilson, Sustainable Fashion Consultant and Creative Entrepreneur
  • Chris Elliott, Digital Strategy Consultant and Photographer
  • Tom Keough, Sr. Manager Lifestyles Sales and Marketing at New Era Cap
  • Grant Tucker, Founder of Chromaspring
  • Marco Henry Negrete, Vice President of Content & Communications at Sole Savy
  • Andy Park, Founder of Par For The Course Cards
  • Gary Lockwood aka FreeHandProfit, Artist and Entrepreneur
  • Bianca aka @imsimplyb Creator and Entrepreneur
  • Ro aka @eatlikeyoureondeathrow__ Artist and Entrepreneur
  • Reham Habib, VP of Brand Partnerships and Business Development at Target
  • James Hesse aka @heskicks, YouTube Entrepreneur
  • + MORE

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