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The Complete List of Sneaker Podcasts (Updated for 2021!)

Since there seems to be a trend of people starting sneaker podcasts in recent years (us included), we figured it would only be right to shout out some of our favorite pods so we put together a complete list of sneaker podcasts. Now, sneakers are a pretty narrow topic in the world of podcasts, so this list of “sneaker podcasts” will obviously have some leeway for pods that also cover relevant topics and dip their toes into the world of footwear, sneakers, sports, and streetwear, because we all know that the crossover between these topics and sneakers is limitless.

As we’ve said before, our goal with Sneaker History from the very beginning is to support the community and culture that lives and breathes sneakers, regardless of their background, race, or the money they have to spend on sneakers. If they make you feel good lacing them up, that’s all that matters.

That said, sneaker podcasts are a great way for people to stay connected with what’s going on in the business and culture of sneakers, without having to feel pressured to buy more sneakers (although buying more sneakers might be a side effect of listening! Sorry!) Of course, we’d be lying if we didn’t put our own Sneaker History Podcast somewhere near the top of this list (we’re proud to be coming up on our 200th episode!), but that doesn’t mean we’re not fans of other sneaker podcasts out there. We’re all for hearing different perspectives and learning as much as we can about the footwear business. Check out our list of sneaker podcasts below (in no particular order obviously) and let us know your favorite in the comments below.

Note: YouTube sneaker shows were not included.

Current Sneaker Podcasts

Outside The Box Podcast by Nick Engvall

Outside The Box Podcast
Outside The Box began as a collaborative effort between Nick Engvall, Jacques Slade, and Brandon Edler in 2015 before going on hiatus. A few years later it returned with former Nike designer Tiffany Beers jumping into the hot seat with Nick and Jacques for an 18-month run. After being dormant for a while, the podcast has returned to the digital airways with Nick Engvall digging into the business of sneakers through interviews with creative minds that are changing the traditional ways of creating a career in the footwear industry. Episodes are also available on YouTube.

Foamie & Buckets Podcast - Sneaker Podcasts

Foamie and Buckets Unnamed Podcast

Drum roll, please…Foamie and Buckets are legends in the YouTube game, and if you haven’t subscribed to their podcast, you’re completely missing out. Sneakers are really only a piece of the puzzle when it comes to this podcast, but that’s what makes it such an entertaining show. Bang. Bang.



Sneaker Pods - CEOs Wear Sneakers

CEOs Wear Sneakers

Hosted by K-Swiss President, Barney Waters, and K-Swiss Social Media Manager, Omar Prestwich. While all of the sneaker podcasts on this list have their own unique flavor, Barney and Omar keep the focus on the entrepreneurial spirits of the world, much like K-Swiss has as a brand for the past 6-7 years.



Step Into My Shoes Podcast

Step Into My Shoes Podcast

Barry Ancheta, aka VERSEONE, is a veteran in the sneaker game and owner of Soleworks in Corona, California. This podcast gives some new twists to the sneaker podcast game by adding hip-hop knowledge, car enthusiasts, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Also: Catch Barry’s Interview on Outside The Box as well as Episode 214 of the Sneaker History Podcast for some tips on cleaning and restoring your sneakers.



The Heat Hoarders PodcastThe Heat Hoarders Podcast

The Heat Hoarders, aka Mal, Dre and James, have a few years of podcasting under their belts and show no signs of stopping. This podcast is much more than just sneakers as the guys touch on life, culture , music, entertainment , fashion , art, and more.



Politics Of Life Podcast

Politics Of Life Podcast

TD and Jeremy are now 40+ episodes in and they’re just getting started. The guys talk new releases, drop tons of knowledge, and have a great rapport with guests every week. On top of that, TD’s industry insider stories help the Politics Of Life podcast stand out amongst the other pods on this list.



Sneaker Pods - Sneak Diss

The Sneak Diss

If you are looking for no holds barred hot takes on sneakers, The Sneak Diss is for you. Greg and George represent for Arizona in the sneaker podcast world and never hold back their opinions, dropping Top 10 lists on a regular basis. They also bring on guests regularly (like our friend Ricco) to mix things up, and include sports, hip-hop, and a variety of other topics, and it results in one of the most entertaining pods on this list.



True To Size - Sneaker Podcast

True To Size

True To Size is hosted by some of Canada Got Sole’s most dedicated sneaker enthusiast team of Lawrence Hopkins, Joel Hernandez, & Alvin Martinez. The guys bring tons of knowledge every week and you can tell these guys genuinely enjoy each other. Plus, the group is incredibly active in real life sneaker community events, which is something I admire.



The Sneaker Podcast

The Sneaker Podcast

The Sneaker Podcast is yet another Canadian based group of sneaker enthusiasts. Hosted by Mike D, Clo, Chris Chiu, and Sean Collard, who was our guest for the Air Jordan 2 History Lesson episode. The guys bring some serious insights and laughs, as they cover life, lifestyle, music and all things sneakers.



More Than Sneakers Podcast

More Than Sneakers Podcast

Hosted by Mark and Tay, and coming from the STL, More Than Sneakers lives up to its name by bringing a wide range of topics to each episode, while always bringing sneaker knowledge and news at the same time.



The Sneaker Box Podcast

The Sneaker Box Podcast

The Sneaker Box Pod is a Detroit based podcast hosted by Afrikan Caesar, Guru, Geeno, JumpmanBostic, Sarena, occasionally DunksNJrdans, and occasionally other sneaker enthusiasts from the Detroit area. TSB recently celebrated their 5th year anniversary and is not slowing down anytime soon.



My Brother's Sneaker

My Brother’s Sneaker

Isaiah and Yassir Lester are hosts of the funniest sneaker podcast on this list. Listen and you’ll agree. Just don’t say hi to either of them in public.




OSDObsessive Sneaker Disorder

Sean Williams and Dee Wells have been hosting OSD since before sneaker podcasts were even called podcasts. Kicks, knowledge, and interviews from around the footwear business.




Sneaker Podcast - Business Of Hype

Business Of Hype

Jeff Staple hosts a podcast on Hypebeast called the Business Of Hype, and it’s everything you would expect. Jeff connects with some of the brightest creatives around the world through the lens of hype, streetwear, sneakers, collectibles, and more.



Get In The Van Podcast

Get In The Van Podcast

Get In The Van is hosted by Norm and JD. Although they stray from sneakers more often than not, it’s a laugh-fest every episode and we know of these guys because of our common interest in sneakers. If we were the type to put a warning for potential not safe for work content, we would, but fuck it.



State of the Shoenion PodcastState of the Shoenion

From their description:

“A sneaker podcast where two average dudes cover new releases, current affairs, and everything in between.”



Sole Searching PodcastSole Searching

From their description:

“Sole Searching is the number one stop for a fresh take on all the latest and throwback things sneakers! We provide unique voices and insight on a variety of sneaker-related topics as regular consumers who genuinely love the culture.”


Playground PoliticsPlayground Politics

Rac and Mr Crispy Cole host the Playground Politics podcast and cover topics from hip-hop to sneakers and everything else that happens on the playground of life.




Coming Up In My Sneakers

Coming Up In My Sneakers

Heather Loduca interviews fashion industry leaders to find out how they got to where they are and what it was like to come up in their sneakers. While the focus is fashion, the topics range from art to music and many other topics of life.



Light Jog Sneaker Pod

Light Jog Podcast

Brandon Almeida and Kevin Cruz bring hot takes on sports, college life, Florida, and sneakers on this podcast that is currently 30+ episodes in.




Sneaker Closet

Sneaker Closet Podcast

Matt Roach and Jhonny Pena bring hot takes from Boston to the sneaker pod world, including new release info and resale predictions, among other things. In addition, they add variety to their episodes by bringing on sneaker enthusiasts as guests on the podcast.



Complex Sneakers Podcast

Complex Sneakers Podcast

The Complex Sneakers Podcast is a few episodes deep as of this writing and it’s everything you would expect from Complex. Hosts Joe La Puma, Brendan Dunne, and Matt Welty talk kicks and bring on guests like DJ Clark Kent. I’ve even got a couple of mentions so far!

Sole Savy Sneaker Podcast

Sole Savy Podcast

Sole Savy’s pod is hosted by co-founders, Justin and DP. The occasional guest appearance by the legendary Russ Bengtson makes this one worth a listen.




The Complete List Of Sneaker Podcasts

Discontinued Sneaker Podcasts


Sneaker Lab

Sneaker Lab Podcast

Jojo Villareal hosts the Sneaker Lab Podcast and talks to everyone from up-and-coming artists trying to make their way to the certified OGs looking to give back, straight from the downtown Los Angeles Sneaker Lab flagship space.



Double Boxed Podcast - Sneaker Podcast

The Double Boxed Podcast

Two Torontonians (I had to look that up), Anna Bediones and Joe Black bring unique takes on the latest releases and a lot of insight on doing cool shit because as you can see from each of their Instagram pages, they’re always doing and experiencing cool things.



The Dropcast

The Dropcast by Highsnobiety

Hosted by Editorial Director at Highsnobiety, Jian DeLeon, and Highsnob Assistant Editor, Noah Thomas. The Muleboyz bring a much-needed fashionable approach to the sneaker pod world and have a binge-worthy list of guests who have joined them on the show.



Sneaker Podcasts - SNS Pod

Sneakersnstuff Podcast

Mubi Ali is a veteran in the sneaker trainer business, and he previously hosted the Sneakersnstuff Podcast before parting ways with the company in the summer of 2019. Despite this sneaker podcast’s lack of new episodes, there is still a ton of knowledge to be found in the older episodes.



Sneakerphiles Sneaker Podcast

Sneakerphiles Podcast

Eugene Lau hosted the Sneakerphiles podcast and had a variety of sneaker enthusiasts on as guests of the show before it was discontinued in



First In Line

First In Line Podcast

Brad Crawford and Terell McMillan host this podcast that was a part of the 247 Sports network.



Comedians Chatting About Sneakers

Comedians Chatting About Sneakers

Australian comedian, Harriet Dyer previously hosted Comedians Chatting About Sneakers but has since pivoted to a much more important topic, mental health.

Non-English Language Podcast Shows (Coming Soon!)

Sneakers Conversation PodcastSneakers Conversation (French)




Let us know your favorite sneaker podcast in the comments below.

Have a sneaker podcast of your own or know of one we missed? Drop a comment below so we can add it to the list.


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Nick Engvall
Nick Engvall is a sneaker enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the footwear business. He has written for publications such as Complex, Sole Collector, and Sneaker News, helped companies like Eastbay, Finish Line, Foot Locker, StockX, and Stadium Goods better connect with their consumers, has an addiction to burritos and Sour Patch Kids, and owns way too many shoes for his own good.


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Nick Engvall
Nick Engvall is a sneaker enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the footwear business. He has written for publications such as Complex, Sole Collector, and Sneaker News, helped companies like Eastbay, Finish Line, Foot Locker, StockX, and Stadium Goods better connect with their consumers, has an addiction to burritos and Sour Patch Kids, and owns way too many shoes for his own good.



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