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Podcast Episode 6 – Air Max Day, Kanye’s Yeezy Lemonade Stand Giveaway, Big Baller Brand is Dead

Podcast Ep. 6 - Air Max Day

Sneaker History Podcast Ep. 6 - Air Max Day

We’re back with a new episode of the Sneaker History Podcast. On Episode 6 of the podcast, Nick Engvall, Robbie Falchi, and Mike Guillory, discuss a handful of sneaker related topics starting off with the always important Air Max Day “holiday” that Nike created a number of years ago to celebrate one of the most important sneaker lines in history. This year’s Air Max Day releases were unlike previous years. In fact, there weren’t any. For Air Max Day, March 26, Nike encouraged fans to get out and enjoy some fresh air. While they did release Air Max 1 inspired Jordan 3s, and a number of Air Max releases dropped before and after Air Max Day, the way they handled it was interesting, to say the least.

Also on this episode of the podcast, the guys discuss the breakup between Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand. The hometown heroes of Los Angeles have been plagued with drama and it has finally come to a head. Will Lonzo let go of the brand completely and head for The Swoosh?

And finally, Kanye West gave away free Yeezys at a lemonade stand in Calabasas, California. The event had some reminiscing about the old Kanye. While others just felt like life had handed them lemons because they were unable to attend.

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