To many people, the Golden State Warriors are the latest bandwagon team in the NBA. To anyone from Northern California that’s near my age, the Warriors were your first team because the Sacramento Kings didn’t exist (yeah, I’m old). Interestingly, many players played for both teams over the years, Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber, Sarunas Marciulionis, and more. But not many cities can understand what that wrench in the spokes does to a young and impressionable basketball fan. As a decedent of hoarders, and carrier of tradition, I have a huge collection of jerseys from both the Warriors and the Kings, but one player eludes me, Marciulionis.

Sarunas Marciulionis was one of the first European players in the NBA to become somewhat of a household name. Hailing from Lithuania, Sarunas came to the NBA after playing in Europe for a number of years rocking adidas. When he was drafted by the Warriors, however, he made the switch to primarily sticking with the Swoosh, wearing shoes like the Nike Air Force 2, Nike Air Maestro and others. 

Marciulionis turns 51 today and it had me reminiscing about some of his great moments and puzzling decision to sport a mustache. It also had me digging through eBay for a jersey with no luck (unless you want a Lithuanian one). But with all that said, I have to imagine Sarunas will be watching Game 5 and pulling for the Warriors like the rest of us bandwagoners.

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