Oh No, Mike.

Michael Jordan’s awful choices in clothing knows no equal. He dresses like he’s stuck in the ’90’s and the ’00’s at the same damn time – it doesn’t make sense. Can someone please hire Mike a personal stylist or something? With this sentiment in mind lets take a look at some of his least legendary wardrobe choices.

Mike, this isn’t the 2002 or 2003 NBA Draft – get a suit jacket that fits big homie. Maybe rethink your jeans, they’re eating your shoes.
We can work with these colors, it’s the sizing that hurts. Mike, you’re a 6″6′ man and you need long clothes but not THAT long.
We’re not going to hate on this one too much the shirt and jacket just conflate with one another; other than that you’re starting to cook with this one.
Country Western star or NBA star? We don’t know, leave the Canadian Tuxedos at home people.
Mike, why are your pants eating your shirt and shoes alive?
The jacket is pretty dope, it’s just a size or two too large but the real issue here are the pants again, MIKE STOP LETTING YOUR PANTS EAT THE REST OF YOUR OUTFIT!
We’re not going to hit the GOAT with all hate, this look is pretty swagged out. That jacket would work in 1986 and 2018 alike.
Isn’t this how we like to imagine Mike dressing when we close our eyes? Simple black and white Jordan tee, Concord 11 Lows and some clean shorts. Summer living and pulling up on Craig from the free-throw line in this beer bong game.

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