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Keeping up with this week’s theme of All-Star Weekend, lets rewind to the last time Los Angeles hosted. LA was the center of the NBA in 2011 so timing couldn’t have been better. Today we’ll cover the performance of Kobe Bryant as he orchestrated a masterpiece to the tune of 37 points and 14 rebounds. Earning 4 MVP awards during his career- Bryant always had a knack for stealing All-Star Sunday’s spotlight. Kobe was the face of the league after winning his second championship in a row and his performance proved that attack mode was his only mode. Classic Mamba was hitting shots from inside and out. There was nooo way he was going to let the West lose to the Eastern Conference squad.

Kobe’s kicks were also MVP caliber. 2011 was a phenomenal year for Nike Basketball’s All-Star collection (the Golden Years IMO). They celebrated Kobe with 4 different releases: East LA, 3D Hollywood, Orange County and Red All-Star worn by Bryant on court. The collection, now considered a classic, had a limited release with a different pair dropping week to week leading to AS Weekend.

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The snakeskin print throughout the upper of the Kobe 6 allowed each shoe to utilize a unique effect only capable on this shoe. Which one is your favorite?

Check out the video and slide show below for highlights from the game! What was your favorite pair from the 2011 Nike All-Star pack? Will anyone else match or beat 4 ASG MVP awards? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

1. Kobe Bryant Media Photo Pre-Game

Too much sauce.

2. CP3, Melo, Mamba

Imagine if the New Orleans -> Lakers trade happened.

3. Kobe & LeBron in Transition

The Finals matchup we always wanted.

4. Kobe Strips D-Wade

One of many fun match ups between Bryant and Wade. Peep D-Wade’s Air Jordan 2011.

5. Ray Allen Playing Defense

Two of the greatest to play the position. Their competitiveness against each other was legendary.

6. Kobe 6 All-Star on Court

Just a kid from Philadelphia, PA.


7. Kobe Drives…

All-Star “defense”

8. …and Finishes

Kobe always played hard. Regular season, playoffs, ASG, Rucker Park it did not matter.

9. Hardware

Bryant hoists his ASG MVP award to the hometown crowd.

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