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Looking Back At The And1 ME8 “MLK”

Monta Ellis in And1 ME8 "MLK" Tribute as a Golden State Warrior
Monta Ellis in And1 ME8 “MLK” Tribute as a Golden State Warrior


Today the nation pays homage to Dr. Martin Luther King’s efforts and progression towards the Civil Rights Movement. Sneaker brands have paid their respect to MLK over the years with Nike leading the charge. But one of the most memorable special MLK shoes that was created, if somewhat under-appreciated, was And1’s ME8 shoe. This was Monta Ellis’ first signature model and part of the brand’s tribute collection. The premium shoe used the combination of nubuck and tumbled leather on the upper of the special model. Other notable details that made this shoe standout was contrast stitching, metal eyelets and a gum outsole. The special MLK ME8 included a special message stitched onto the inner tongue, special box and metal certificate of authenticity to show you had 1 of 1929 (MLK’s birthyear) pairs made. If you bought a pair back in 2009 today is the perfect time to break them out and celebrate Dr. King through services that strengthen the community. Or maybe just go watch Selma.


And1 ME8 "MLK" Tribute


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