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Kobe vs LeBron Head-to-Head Sneaker Matchups

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James
Kobe Bryant and LeBron James

Well we should have been talking about the latest installment of  “Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?” but season ending surgery on Kobe’s torn rotator cuff stopped that from happening. In reality we aren’t sure if the two stars will ever play head-to-head again. Not due to Kobe’s mind, but his body is just breaking down. It’s like he’s taken the most shots ever in the NBA or something. Regardless the argument is always there in sport circles especially since we are closer than ever with a NBA without Kobe Bryant.

Although Kobe has more championship hardware overall LeBron wins in head-to-head matchups winning 14 of 20 meetings. Unlike so many iconic rivalry’s the two have never met in the NBA Finals and only in regular season games as well as All-Star games. We’ve also seen them team up on Team USA and that’s probably not happening again. But through their 20 regular season meetings who’s sneakers are best? Look through each game and pair and let us know who wins this head-to-head matchup.



  1. I went through and kept a score card – I had Kobe winning 10, Lebron winning 9, and one matchup that had no winner because the Lebron V/Kobe 3 year was just dreadful.

    An observation: It’s interesting to note that the majority of the matchups feature fairly pedestrian colorways on at least one of the athletes. One might think that given the spotlight on some of their previous matchups Nike would be inclined to have them wear more noticeable, unique colorways.

    • Interesting observation with one of the two wearing a “pedestrian” colorway when they played eachother. Of course have to factor in PE’s and special colorways are made for any occasion now, whereas before they were less frequent.

      What’s sad is we can only ask “what if” they ever met in a NBA Final.

      • Very true about them being less frequent back then. Especially on the Kobe side of things. Seems like the Lebron 4 is when a massive number of PEs and special make ups became prevalent in LBJ’s line. I definitely agree about the what if, especially in a recent year with the Elite series and so many concepts for championship shoes.

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