D.C. Chillin’

Everyone has their favorite shoe model; it might be based off of personal preference, it could be influenced by region, you might like them because your favorite rapper wore them… reasoning is irrelevant – we just love the shoes because we love them (personally, my favorite is the Nike 2k4 Huarache). One of the biggest sneakerheads in the Rap game, Wale, loves the Nike Foamposite and he’s been open about it since day one.¬†Wale’s been bringing the Foamposite heat since he first started blowing up in 2008. The D.C. native’s love for everything Foamposite is no secret with rap verses like:

  • “Foamposites, if you ain’t got ’em then you penny-loafing!”

  • “Foamposite Max (Tim Duncan’s) like I’m out of Wake Forest”

  • “Black Foamposites, it’s like we on that mobbing ‘ish.”

Folarin (Wale) hometown is historically known for their love for the Scottie Pippen turned Penny Hardaway “signature” shoe – out in D.C., Foamposites are a lifestyle not a shoe choice. Eric Avar’s first smash hit design doesn’t need an extended introduction; we’re all familiar with the molded, one-piece, wavy, material that is the Foamposite. The model’s been in heavy retro rotation for years now, sometimes they’re smash hits like the Crimson, Galaxy, Valentine’s Day, and Pine Green Foamposites but others, well… they’re not so popular (ie. Astroids, Weather Man’s and Wheat Foamposites. There’s something sacred about the model that has fans demanding ‘Foams made traditionally, meaning the utilization of materials and aesthetics that most similarly resemble the 1997 classic. No one wants wrapped graphics, alternate upper materials or weather maps on their Foams! For today’s TBT we’ll take a look back at some well executed Foampsoite looks by Wale. There’s something about Wale’s look in Foams, they just look like they’re at home on his feet. Check them out for yourself, enjoy!

‘Silver Camo’ Foamposite, 2014

‘Red Supreme’ Foamposite One, 2014

‘Royal’ Foamposite One, 2011

‘Pewter’ Foamposite One, 2011

‘Paranorman’ Foamposite One, 2012

‘Knicks’ Foamposite One, 2014

‘Metallic Gold’ Foamposite One, 2015

‘Eggplant’ Foamposite One, 2009

‘Bright Crimson’ Foamposite Pro, 2012

‘Black Supreme’ Foamposite One, 2014

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