One of the most entertaining sneaker articles in recent memory came this week from CBS Sports, where they had a guy “who knows nothing about sneakers” rank every Air Jordan from 1-XXX4 (34), from worst to first. Now, as sneakerheads, we can get a little testy when it comes to our beloved Air Jordans. On episode 121 of the Sneaker History Podcast, Nick, Robbie, and Mike discuss the story written by Pete Blackburn and share their thoughts on the rankings of Air Jordans 1-34.

Some of the highlights from the list include:

The Air Jordan 14

“I can only assume this sneaker is worn exclusively by people who have motorcycle jackets but no motorcycle.”

The Air Jordan 2009

“I just can’t get past the green thing on this one. It looks like the indicator that hovers over selected characters in “The Sims.” This is a Sims shoe.”

The Air Jordan 18
“This shoe is a kid who goes to parties but just does weird stuff by himself in the corner. Everyone else is having a good time and he’s trying to cast spells and crap.”

The Air Jordan 29
“This one is neat because they scaled the logo to match your mom’s iPhone font size.”Catch the


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