As an avid sneaker and comic collector, there has been more than one occasion where I find myself amazed and confused by each culture. Sometimes perceptions and assumptions make both fandoms seem vastly different when in reality – they’re identical (except there is no Free Sneaker Day to mirror Free Comic Book Day).

We Just Can’t Get Enough… 

Whether you’re in your local comic shop every Wednesday or you have your SNKRS app locked and loaded on Saturday, we can’t say no to our urge to add another piece to the collection. Both collectors can sometimes look like hoarders with closets and storage units filled to the ceiling. And as we continue to add, we can find it difficult to separate from the mounds of products. When you are in this world of collecting, there’s always a way to justify a new purchase.

Photo Courtesy of Sneaker Freaker.
Photo Courtesy of Gear Patrol.

The Rarer The Better…

Sneakerheads already know of the Fragment x Air Jordan 1’s rarity. Photo Courtesy of Sneaker News.
One of the rarest comics…the first appearance of Batman. Photo Courtesy of History Today.

Sneakerheads know all too well how hard it is to get a limited release or exclusive colorway. But, did you know that comic collectors encounter the same struggle? Next time you speak to your comic collector friend, ask them about a variant cover. These covers are typically printed with unique art that differs from general releases. But, unlike sneakers, you can’t just call to find out if they are getting this cover ahead of time! This makes the comics more difficult to acquire and a reseller’s dream…

Speaking Of Resellers…

The heading pretty much says it all! Resell prices affect both collectors in a big way. Whether you are trying to get your hands on a “Chicago” Air Jordan 1 or a rare issue of Spider-Man, you can find yourself spending a pretty penny. Check this out:

Photo Courtesy of Nike.

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”

Retail Price: $160

Avg. Resell Price: $1,490

Verdict: 831% increase in price!

Photo Courtesy of MyComicShop.

Amazing Spider-Man #252 (AKA the first appearance of the black Spidey suit)

Retail Price: $0.75

Average Resell Price in Average Condition: $205

Verdict: 27,233% increase in price!

Creases Drive Us Insane…

Sneakerheads freaked out when they saw JT creasing these Tinker 3s. Photo Courtesy of House Of Heat.

In each community, there are perfectionists who will lose their minds over the slightest imperfections on their precious products. The most common imperfection that translates best over the two worlds is creasing. I know you’ve seen sneakerheads walking like penguins to conserve the toe box of their prized possession. Well, comic heads (I think I just made that up) hate them as well. They hate them so much that instead of completely opening the comic and creasing the spine, they will gingerly turn each page as if they are diffusing a bomb. 

We Like To Gather…

Sneaker-Con Photo Courtesy of Footwear News.
Comic-Con 2019. Photo Courtesy of Hypebeast.

No matter if its Comic-Con, Sneaker-Con, or DesignerCon the local comic book store, or sneaker shop, those of us that like sneakers and/or comics all like to gather. We love to group up with our fellow collectors. We break down our collections, brag about our grails, and find ourselves adding new must-haves to the list. 

Photo Courtesy of Sole Collector

Collecting is incredibly important. For a lot of us, the hunt is keeping us sane, and we share a ton of similarities. Whether it’s sneakers or comic books, we like what we like.

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