When you’re the first player since Wilt Chamberlin to do anyyything in the NBA then you’re an absolute beast… needless to say, Russell Westbrook is a friggin’ beast. The Thunder point gawd recorded the league’s second ever 20-20-20 triple-double last night in a breezy win against my Lakers. ‘Triple-double’ has been Russ’s middle name the last three years – he is the only player in league history to post triple-double averages in consecutive seasons. Before Westbrook The Big O (Oscar Robinson) had been the only player to ever average a trip-dub; think about that, Westbrook is putting up stats no NBA historian every thought would be possible in the modern game.

Russell Westbrook

It’s difficult to wrap my mind around a 20-20-20 because it sounds so unfeasible; akin to a feat like Hakeem’s quadruple-double. As I watched the highlights I had to constantly remind myself that this was real life and not NBA 2k. Russ’s final stat line was simply bananas:

  • 8-23 from the field… not great, but who cares!
  • 20 points, check.
  • 21 assists, hot dawg!
  • 20 rebounds (5 offensive), that’s effort fam!
  • 2 turnovers… 2. Not 5, not 6… 2!
  • 3 steals, icing on the cake.


At the end of regulation the camera picked up Russ saying “this is for Nip”, which hit me right in the heart. Most of you know that Nipsey Hussle was unfortunately gunned down this weekend, and a lot of you probably know Russ is from LA County, so the news of Nipsey’s death must have been extremely hard for Russ. RIP Nipsey Hussle.

Russell Westbrook and Nipsey Hussle via Modern Notoriety
Russell Westbrook and Nipsey Hussle

The footwork was as expected from Russ with the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 in a white/ blue colorway on foot. Peep some highlights below and let us know if you were surprised with Russ’s performance, peace!

Russell Westbrook via OKC Thunder Twitter


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