Today is the day. Whether you’re into sneakers or into Back To The Future, October 12, 2015, has been marked on your mental calendar for years.

Today was (or is?) the day Marty McFly went back to the future to take the place of his son Marty McFly Jr. in the Cafe 80s wearing the Nike MAG. The anticipation within the sneaker community has been unreal, as well as in the movie biz; the retro of products like Pepsi Perfect, Hoverboards, and the BTTF Trilogy on Blu-Ray has resulted in a media frenzy of BTTF stories.

Sorry to say, we’re no different. We grew up on these movies. Watched them with our friends and family along the way and can’t help but geek out a little bit about Back To The Future Day. But let’s have some fun with it. Check out 10 Things That Back To The Future II Taught Us About Sneakers and let us know if you’ll be grabbing a pair of Nike MAGs anytime soon.

Every Sneaker Collection Starts With Basics

Whether it’s Converse Chuck Taylors in Back To The Future or Nike Bruins in Back To The Future II, Marty sets the tone for the movie and aspiring sneaker enthusiasts. No collection is complete without some classics like Chucks or Bruins. Both are no-brainers.


Good Guys Wear Sneakers, Bad Guys Wear Boots

I’ve been saying this all my life. Boots just aren’t needed (unless of course, you’re Da Boot Gawd). You can get by on sneakers if you have the ability to get online and read this. It’s 2015 if you feel like you need boots to get you from point A to point B, download the magical app called Uber.


Sneaker Boots Will Never Be Cool

Marlene Knows. Er…maybe she doesn’t. Someone should go back to the future and forewarn her (that sounds really confusing).


Tinker’s Designs Are Timeless 

There is a reason Tinker Hatfield is celebrated as a designer over and over again. With something like the Air MAG, although many of the elements packed into the foresight of the design have yet to become standard, Tinker clearly had a vision for what coulda, shoulda, woulda become of sneakers.

Pin-Rolled Jeans Would Be Back In Style in 2015

Despite my reckless promotion and dedication to the #NTDenim movement, I was once a pin-rolled jeans, snapback-wearing young whippersnapper. Thankfully I’ve destroyed all the evidence, however.


The Future Is Filled With Retros

Seriously, it’s not like we didn’t have the chance to see the obscene amount of retros predicted 30 years ago. Maybe we should have invested in Nike stocks and not Nike shoes?

Sneakers Can’t Help You Walk On Water 

Apologies to all the people using Sneaker Jesus on social media. You probably should have let go and let in God, long ago.

Sneakers Can’t Make You Cool

Think about it, Marty’s son Marty McFly Jr. is a mess. And technically he’s actually the one that introduced the world to the Air MAG. Because Marty Sr. would have never even had to wear Air MAGs from Doc Brown unless he was trying to dress like his son. Wonder if Doc had to pay resell price on those MAGs in his first trip to the future?

Jordan 3s Are Still The GOAT!

On the set in 1988. Yep, on the left. You’re welcome. (Also, this picture is kind of amazing in that it shows the power laces clearly attached to the ground of the set for the “movie magic”.)


The Future Is Filled With Lies

3-minute mile? At least not yet. The Cubs won a World Series, so anything is possible. Word to Kevin Garnett.


Can you add to the 10 Things That Back To The Future II Taught Us About Sneakers? Drop us a comment with your suggestions.

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