Chad Muska with Supra Skytop IV

Did you know that as a kid Chad Muska actually was a BMXer? Not that he didn’t hang around skaters or enjoy messing around on a board but one (bad) day his bike got stolen. A friend let him have a board and that, as they say, was history. The professional skater has had signature models from a few different brands. Regardless of who he was riding for he made sure that his input and specifications were put into each of his sneakers.

éS Muska

One continuous feature on his sneakers that started when he was with éS and followed him to C1RCA and Supra was the stash pocket in the tongue for your…loose change.

C1RCA CM902 Pic via Skately

With a successful career and the personality that afforded him many sponsors, Muska started something for himself in 2006. He started Supra with Angel Cabada, owner of the KR3W, and a friend, pro-rider Erik Ellington. He would go on to be the face of the Skytop line for the company. Walking the line of skate and fashion, Muska’s Skytops have been a topic of conversation for sneakerheads and skaters. One of the most influential skaters of this time period, the 38-year-old Muska continues to expand his personal empire.

Supra Skytop III Ad

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