For Throwback Thursday we wanted to revisit an old favorite since skate shoes have a special place in the sneaker community. This is many times because a lot of people grew up skating as a means of transportation and for fun. In 1999 pro-skater Chad Muska helped start-up sneaker skateboard company Circa. Muska was given the opportunity to create his personal model with all the specifications he wanted and needed. That resulted in the creation of the CM901.

The CM901 is made out of premium synthetic materials to withstand the rigors of skateboarding. A strong rubber is used on the ollie area and toecap to prevent a quick blowout from performing tricks multiple times. A really standout feature was the usage of exposed airbags for maximum cushioning. The heel cushioning used 25psi of pressure and the toe used 10psi for those soft landings. A unique feature was the addition of a “stash” pocket added on the tongue that was meant to carry any small personal goods like say a key.

Fun fact: The CM901 was the first sneaker in the skateboard market to retail for over $100. Did you own a pair growing up?

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