November 14th, 2009, Brandon Jennings, then with the Milwaukee Bucks, drops 55 points on the Golden State Warriors. To put this into perspective, only three rookies in NBA history have scored more points in a game (Wilt Chamberlain 58 – twice, Rick Barry 57, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe 56). Jennings had been rolling with Under Armour for a while but this game really helped put him and his partnership with the brand in front of the mainstream.

Two years later, the Under Armour Prototype II “Double Nickel was released by UA Basketball in limited quantities to honor Brandon Jennings’ unforgettable rookie performance. It was the first release in the UA Basketball line, that originally launched in 2010, that created buzz amongst the sneaker blogs. If you’re lucky enough to have these in the collection, care for them well, as UA’s rapid growth continues, they could be worth a pretty penny down the road.

Check out the performance in the Youtube highlights below.



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