The Admiral’s Kick Game

With an abundance of “great” NBA centers in league history it’s easy for some to get unfairly left by the wayside. David Robinson often doesn’t garner the respect his Hall of Fame career deserves when talking about the all-time greats, because he played in an era littered with generational talent at the center position. Shaq, Hakeem, Ewing all come to mind when asked to name a ’90’s center; but are any of them leaps and bounds better than Robinson? No. Hell no. It’s probably because the three mentioned above played in larger markets in a time where the world was much smaller (no social media, cell phones, etc) so lil’ ol’ San Antonio didn’t get TV air time like New York or Houston received. All of this is a shame because there were many years Robinson was arguably the best in the league. He was more agile than Shaq, a more diverse scorer than Ewing, and a better defender than Hakeem. His elite physique allowed David to run the floor with ease and bang in the post with force.

1994 Sports Illustrated Cover

The x2 Champion and 1995 league MVP was a beast on the court and a gentleman off of it – maybe his classiness came from his service with the Navy, but even without the military Robinson would have still been a grade A human being. Much like Shaq, David would smile and shake your hand before the game but then drop 71 points (not an overstatement, he dropped 71 in ’94) like a straight savage. The Admiral’s Nike kickgame has always been slept on too, Almost every iconic ’90’s high-top was found on the feet of San Antonio’s star. Lets take a look back at some of the classic ’90’s heat David was rockin’ while wrecking the league.

Classic Nike ad featuring Robinson wearing the Air Command Force.
Robinson jamming in the Air2Strong
Robinson in the Air Unlimited.

Same game against the Clippers wearing the Air Unlimited, these are images from his 71 pt game.

You can’t mess with the Spur’s OG color combos – David in the Air2Strong again.
David’s ’92 Dream Team Nikes, the Air Ballistic Force.
Classic Nike apparel ad featuring Robinson wearing the Air Ballistic Force.
Air Force 180 High Pump, say that five times fast.


Another Nike ad with Robinson wearing the Air Force 180 High Pump.




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