TBT: Rice Enshrined

On this day in 2010 NFL legend, Jerry Rice, was inducted into the Football Hall Of Fame. If you think there’s another receiver better than Rice in league history then news flash – you’re wrong. Rice’s prodigious output throughout his career leaves little to question. He’s the all-time career leader in:

  • Receiving yards: 22,895
  • Receptions: 1,549
  • Receiving touchdowns: 197
  • Total yards from scrimmage: 23,540
  • Touchdowns from scrimmage: 207

Honestly, no one will touch those records; the man practiced by catching bricks for Pete’s sake! His enshrinement was a no brainer; his speed, route running and conditioning was otherworldly. Rice was so good for sooo long that he’s on the All-Decade NFL Team for the ’80’s & ’90’s. The dynamic chemistry between him and his San Francisco quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young resulted in three Super Bowl victories and a Super Bowl MVP award.

The GOAT, I mean, Jerry has always had an outstanding relationship with Nike as he wore their cleats for a majority of his career and Swoosh continues to release Rice theme’d shoes periodically. Lets take a trip down memory lane and peep some of Jerry’s game worn cleats and branded PEs.

the insole of the Free Trainer 5.0 highlights Jerry’s career accomplishments.
Rice in-game
Air Trainer 1.3 Max ‘Rice’
Air Trainer 1 PRM QS ‘Rice’
fantastic storytelling
TR 1 ‘Madden 13 Jerry Rice’ Promo
Free Trainer 5.0 ‘Rice’
Zoom Vapor Carbon ‘Rice’
classic Nike cleat PE

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