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Mitch Richmond is the 1995 NBA All-Star Game MVP

Mitch Richmond 1995 NBA All-Star MVP

One of the most underrated shooting guards from the ’90s is Mitch Richmond. The newly anointed Hall of Famer was around during the era that Michael Jordan dominated so he was overshadowed by his Airness. It didn’t help that he played for some bad teams during most of his career. Most teams gameplan was to make sure the “Rock” didn’t have a good game. MJ has mentioned Richmond was one of his hardest matchups and when he retired (the 1st time) was one of the players that wore Air Jordans P.E.’s on the court.

Mitch Richmond in Nike Air Go LWP
Mitch Richmond in Nike Air Go LWP

On February 12th, 1995, in front of the whole world Mitch Richmond made sure everyone knew how good a player he was. With MJ playing baseball, Richmond dazzled the crowd in Phoenix rocking Nike Air Go LWPs in those sweet ’95 All-Star jerseys. He wasn’t one of the starting guards but he outplayed every other guard on the West, and the East and pretty much every player that day. He finished with 23 points on 76.9% shooting 3/3 at 3-pt range in 22 minutes of play. Bet Nike was wishing they had made a special P.E. pair of Air Jordan 10’s for him to wear that day.

Mitch Richmond in Nike Air Go LWP
Mitch Richmond in Nike Air Go LWP Photo via KicksOnCards


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