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The Human Highlight Film aka Dominique Wilkins Celebrates his 55th Birthday

Dominique Wilkins Dunk Lapse
Dominique Wilkins Dunk Lapse


Better known as the Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins was one of the most amazing athletes that played basketball. If you were blessed to watch the NBA in the 80’s and 90’s, Nique was a must watch any night much like Jordan was. A NBA Hall of Famer, NBA Slam Dunk Champion, and 9-time NBA All-Star somehow he was left off of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History list. Regardless of the snub it was fantastic to see Wilkins and Jordan going at it during the regular season, playoffs and Dunk Contests. The rivalry was fueled by a sneaker rivalry too. Wilkins started off with Converse and Brooks but is known then and now for being with Reebok, and Jordan of course with Nike. The hightop Twilight Zone Pump was the signature model he was known for, which is still being released to this day.


Dominique Wilkins Upper Deck 91-92 Card
Dominique Wilkins Upper Deck 91-92 Card Wearing Reebok The Pump

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