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Happy Birthday To The G.O.A.T Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan guarding Magic Johnson

Aaron Nojima

Back in the good old days (yeah I went there) it was hard to get NBA games on tv besides your local team and NBC on the weekends. The Playoffs was the time when you got to see the best of the best play all week long. June 5th, 1991, game 2 of the NBA Finals. The Lakers versus the Bulls. West coast versus east coast. I was at my grandparent’s house for dinner with my family and the game was on. It sorta sucked since it wasn’t a close game but I remember staying glued to the television leaning over the edge of the couch to be closer to the screen. Then it happened. MJ got the ball by the free throw line, drove in, leapt and hung in the air with the ball in his right hand. Then somehow his Airness stayed gliding, switched hands, avoided contact and hit the layup with his left hand. It was AMAZING. Like most kids I went out and tried, unsuccessfully, to mimic the move. NBC replayed it over and over and we’ve all seen it, but to this day it’s still an ridiculous play.




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