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Did You Know About the Reebok Court Victory Pump “Flash”?

Reebok Court Victory Pump "Flash"
Reebok Court Victory Pump “Flash”

Back on the November 15, 2008 Reebok opened up a New York City pop-up shop called “Flash.” Inspired by the ’80s, the store paid homage to NYC’s culture during the time period. It was also the first time the brand created a pop-up shop themselves.

Maybe someone at Reebok was listening to a lot of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights.” Whatever the reason, the concept was something out of the box — especially for this brand. As you would expect, the 3,000 square-foot gallery space in the Bowery was filled with plenty of neon and abstract shapes.

The shop was only open a month; it housed a small handful of exclusive sneakers that would only be sold for a week each. The collection of sneakers was inspired by things around the city during the ’80s that you couldn’t help avoiding. Kicking off the limited group was this Court Victory Pump “Flash”.

Reebok Court Victory Pump "Flash"
Reebok Court Victory Pump “Flash”

The iconic New York City taxi cab was chosen for this iconic Pump model. With the yellow theme and neon, the design was born. The upper consisted of both patent and standard leather. Red was used along with teal on the tongue’s Pump ball, outsole, and special NYC logo on the heel. The liner and insoles featured photo prints of the city.

No one actually know how many of these Pumps are floating around since they were only sold for one week. So, if you happen to see a pair floating around, just know they’re something special.

Reebok "Flash" Pop-Up Shop
Reebok “Flash” Pop-Up Shop

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