Answer 1

When Allen Iverson stepped onto the NBA hardwood in his sophomore season all questions about has ability on the next level were silenced; the reigning Rookie Of The Year followed up with nothing but Answers. Reebok pushed all their chips in on Iverson in 1998 and followed up the mega popular Question I with the Answer I.

Aesthetically the Questions and Answers couldn’t be further apart from one another. The minimalistic simplicity of the Questions were left in the past and replaced with “more is better” looks of the Answer. Reebok branding shows up boldly on the tongue, eyestay and vamp, along with Iverson’s iconic I3 logo. The shoe’s dominantly leather upper is contrasted with a synthetic perforated heel counter that wraps around to the midfoot above the midsole. Long flowing lines across the upper defines the Answers’s overall look allowing for endless colorblocking combinations.

The cushioning in the Answer was completely retooled from the Question. Reebok introduced DMX technology in 1997 and released it within the DMX Run 10 and the Answer 1. The technology was based around the idea that air would travel between connected pods throughout the outsole resulting in exceptional cushioning with each stride. DMX technology complimented Iverson’s dynamic, quick and explosive game.

DMX Run 10

The Answer I has been retroed periodically throughout the years and we’re set to see a retro of the white/red/gold ‘Rookie of the Year’ Answer I’s in the beginning of October. In the meantime enjoy some pictures of Allen putting in work wearing this iconic model.

Rookie Of The Year
Answer Retros




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