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In a year crowded with a ridiculous amount of hyped releases, there are many opinions of what could be sneaker of the year. With releases from Jordan x Travis Scott, Nike x Sacai, and many more, it’s hard to keep track of them all. That being said, there are too many well-executed sneakers that go unnoticed. One shoe that has flown under the radar, which in my opinion, could be a contender for both collaboration and sneaker of the year is (insert drum roll noise)…the Reebok x adidas Instapump Fury BOOST.

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The combination of Steven Smith’s 1994 creation and the undeniable of BOOST cushioning is a match made in heaven. The Instapump, celebrating its 25th anniversary, looks to be ahead of its time and still doesn’t get the love it deserves outside of a small fraction of sneakerheads. Smith, the brilliant mind behind this masterpiece, has since taken his talent to multiple brands since, including being handpicked by Kanye himself to design for Yeezy. So next time you put on a pair of Yeezys just know that their unique design wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Instapump Fury.

Teased in the last quarter of the year, it was the first time Reebok would team up with its parent company, adidas. Personally, this was one of the most exciting sneaker announcements of the year. With the two brands finally utilizing their relationship, it was like seeing the Avengers finally assemble or Batman and Superman finally sharing the silver screen for the first time! Only good things could come. And good they were, we saw the Instapump Fury receive the proper update it deserved. With that being said, I was lucky enough to grab a pair, test them out to give you all my review…


Photo Courtesy of Reebok

The materials stay true to the original by utilizing a mesh booty system with the nylon air bladder surrounding both the medial and lateral sides. Also, the toe is protected by a suede-like mudguard. Overall the materials feel nice on foot, giving a very comfortable and breathable fit.


Photo Courtesy of Reebok

This model seemed to fit a bit wider than its OG predecessor. It’s not to the point of slipping off, but if your foot is on the slimmer side, I’d recommend trying a half size down. The pump system does offer some security, but I wouldn’t go making any sharp lateral cuts. There is not enough lockdown for these to be hitting the gym in. Overall they fit true to my normal size, but I would recommend trying them on if you are able to.


Photo Courtesy of Reebok
Photo Courtesy of Reebok

BOOST, BOOST, and more BOOST! There’s not much more to say. The Instapump Fury BOOST changes out the traditional Hexalite cushioning for adidas BOOST technology in its two-piece sole. Along with the carbon fiber-esque shank plate, this sneaker provides a comfortable ride. My best comparison is the feeling of an UltraBOOST that rides a bit higher off of the ground.


My only gripe is the $200 price point. Typically I would expect that type of price to utilize more premium materials on the upper. But, keep your eyes open for the amazing discounts Reebok is been promoting on their site. Black Friday, and still going on now.


My personal pair of Instapump Fury BOOST

The Instapump Fury BOOST is the entire package. Good looks and amazing comfort. Definitely more lifestyle than performance, so don’t try any CrossFit in these. You will be sure to break a few necks. Everywhere that I have worn these so far I’ve been stopped and asked about them. With that being said, this release brings some extra excitement to the end of the year. I highly recommend grabbing a pair of these and adding them to your rotation. Once you put them on, you are sure to understand why I think these can be a contender for sneaker of the year.

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