Earlier this year, we started the Sneaker History Marketplace with the goal of elevating sellers in the community to a wider audience, specifically, people who sell the not so common older and more collector focused footwear. Today, we are excited to announce that we are expanding on that concept. While we obviously focus primarily on sneakers here at Sneaker History, our passion often runs over into sports memorabilia, throwback jerseys, streetwear, toys, and many other things. More importantly, all of these categories ebb and flow in and out of the sneaker world, and we bring them up regularly on our podcast. By connecting these dots, we’ll be able to tell more thorough stories and dive deeper into the nostalgic feelings that seem to light our fire when we discover an old rock band tee from the ’80s, a pair of original Air Jordan 1s, some old baseball cards, or legendary Starter jacket from the ’90s. We are calling these new accounts Sitting Treasure because that’s really what these products are to the right people. Our plan is to regularly update these accounts with items from sellers who sell sneakers, vintage clothing, collectibles, sports memorabilia, and more.

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