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On His 28th Birthday 2004 MVP Kevin Garnett Goes Off

Kevin Garnett dunking in adidas Garnett
Kevin Garnett dunking in adidas Garnett

The 2003-04 NBA season was one of Kevin Garnett’s career-best. He may have got his championship ring as a Boston Celtic but his heart and soul are with the Minnesota Timberwolves. That 2004 season showed him giving it all for the team that drafted him. He single-handedly leads his team further into the Playoffs then they have ever been before, nor have since. It happened to also be the first year that the star would be wearing adidas after his time with Nike and AND1.

Kevin Garnett in adidas Garnett photo via Getty
Kevin Garnett in adidas Garnett photo via Getty

Even though he started the season in other adidas models he eventually was given and wore his signature model, the adidas Garnett. Those were the same sneakers that were on his feet during game 7 of the 2004 Western Conference Semi-Finals. Oh and playing the deciding and most important game in franchise history during his 28th birthday in front of his hometown fans. So what did he do? Well he scored 32 points, grabbed 21 rebounds, blocked 5 shots, snagged 4 steals, and dropped 2 dimes. Oh and he also beat the shot clock with a three-pointer and grabbed a shot out of the air. Even though Sacramento made a late surge and Chris Webber had a chance at tying the game at the buzzer the ‘Wolves were victorious.

adidas Garnett photo via Getty
adidas Garnett photo via Getty

Apparently 28th birthdays are good days to play basketball. Happy birthday Mr. Garnett, you showed us numerous times that “anything is possible.”


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