Magic Johnson

MJmondays: Classic Number 6

It’s Monday, folks, which means it’s #MJMondays on a social media platform near you! Today, we’re going to take a look into an upcoming Air Jordan Retro set to release in Spring 2019, the Air Jordan VI Infrared! The black Infrareds Originally released in 1991, were last seen in 2014 and shouldn’t be confused with 2010’s Varsity Reds. …

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Magic’s Final Goodbye

After Magic Johnson’s retirement due to contracting the HIV virus in 1991, NBA fans were unsure if they’d ever see him grace the NBA hardwood again (long story short- it was a different, less educated, time in ’91. HIV/AIDs science wasn’t developed enough for Americans to know what was really going on with Magic… so …

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magic johnson debut

36 Years Ago Today Magic Johnson Made His NBA Debut

Since his debut, the press and crowds loved him. Over three decades ago today, Magic struck the NBA rocking Converse. Earvin “Magic” Johnson debuted as a rookie on the Los Angeles Lakers. Fresh from Michigan State University, his opening night game was against the then San Diego Clippers and it was tit-for-tat until the buzzer beater sky …

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Magic Johnson wins 1987 Game 4 with "Junior Skyhook"

Magic Johnson Wins Game 4 against Celtics with “Junior Skyhook”

In the 1980’s basketball fans were awarded with tons of strong rivalries with the most prominent being the Lakers-Celtics wars. During that decade the two teams would go on to meet in the NBA Finals three different times with each series having its own famous moments. However this snapshot from the 1987 Finals is one that Boston …

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1991 All Star Game Fleer Card

Sneakerhead All Star Sneaker Memories

  This evening will be the 64th NBA All-Star game, capping off the league’s takeover of New York City. Highlights included Steph Curry lighting up the loaded 3-pt contest in his new signature Under Armour Curry One and Zach Lavine bringing down the house with each of his dunks while rocking the Nike Kobe X. There are kids …

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Magic Johnson Sports Illustrated Cover

Magic Johnson Comes Out Of Retirement

When Magic Johnson retired from the NBA in 1991 due to contracting HIV, it marked the end of the Showtime basketball in Los Angeles. Although he was a key figure and leader for the Dream Team, Magic didn’t return to the NBA due to players fears about playing against him. Remember, during this time knowledge …

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