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The 10 Best adidas Pro Model Collabs

adidas Pro Model Quickstrike Camo

adidas Pro Model Quickstrike Camo

After the return of Quickstrike and the announcement of their collab with adidas on the Pro Model and Superstar, we got to chatting with adidas collector, RevFresh2Death of WEHAVEISSHOES about previous collaborations on this shell-toed classic. There’s no doubt that the Pro Model is under-appreciated and even overlooked by sneakerheads of today but it’s definitely been a canvas for collaboration a lot more times than most people remember. Rather than tell you what we think, we figured we’d leave it to the expert and let Rev give his thoughts.

Here’s what he had to say and the 10 Best adidas Pro Model Collaborations:

The Pro Model is an adidas classic and a must have for any sneaker enthusiast, and these timeless collabs are a must have for the serious collector. These ten collaborations are ranked based on my personal taste as a collector. Some of these I own and some I’m still trying to hunt down.


Jam Master Jay x adidas Pro Modelvia ShakeJMJ

10. Jam Master Jay x adidas Pro Model (2015)


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