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In 1996 Dennis Scott’s Hit 267 3-Pointers

Dennis Scott in Reebok Swingman
Dennis Scott in Reebok Swingman

When your nickname is 3D, you are expected to make a 3-pointer or two. Luckily for the most part Dennis Scott did that; actually made 267 of them during the 1996 season for the Orlando Magic. At that time it was the NBA record until some guy named Ray Allen hit 269 in 2005-06 and some other guy named Stephen Curry beat it twice.

Dennis Scott in Reebok Swingman Photo via Spokeo
Dennis Scott in Reebok Swingman Photo via Spokeo

Part of the young and upcoming Orlando Magic team, 1996 was a special year. Lead by Shaq and Penny, D. Scott along with Nick Anderson were all having a heck of a season. Riding the wave of beating the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan in the Playoffs the year before (the first to do so) and making it to the NBA Finals the team looked to be force for many years. Finishing the season as the #2 seed behind the Bulls, the 3-point record for Scott was one of many highlights for the team. Shaq drew so much attention Scott had plenty of open looks at the hoop. However it was not meant to be as the 72-10 Bulls steamrolled them in the Eastern Conference Finals, avenging the previous year. And that off-season it all changed as Shaq went to the Lakers.

Dennis Scott in Reebok Swingman Photo via GettyImages
Dennis Scott in Reebok Swingman Photo via GettyImages

Scott and the Magic would not have any more “magical” seasons like those years with Shaq. He would go on to play for a number of teams but his time with the Magic were his finest. Nowadays you can see Scott as an analyst on but we’ll always remember him in the Magic uniform and his Reebok.


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