We’re Excited To Share This One With You, Direct From Our Sneaker History Discord Community

Today we have something a little different for you. As you might know, we have an amazing community of sneaker enthusiasts that hang out in our Sneaker History Discord. While our love of sneakers is the connection point that brought us all together, we’ve all discovered countless passions we share with other people in the community. 

This week we launched the first of a handful of new podcasts that will be coming directly from our community. We’ll get into the details for those in a future episode but I’m excited to share the Exhaust Notes Podcast, a show about the world of cars, racing, and other automotive-related topics. 

If you’re a fan of Formula 1, Formula Drift, Cars and Coffee, or you’re just a weirdo like me that enjoys the smell of gasoline, I think you will enjoy this one. If you do, add Exhaust Notes to your subscribe list so you’ll be updated when we drop future episodes. As always, thank you for supporting Sneaker History, and don’t forget to tell someone you like their kicks today.

The Exhaust Notes Podcast is a podcast for fans of cars, racing, racing cars, and fans of all things automotive, or maybe you’re one of those weirdos like us that likes the smell of gasoline. Whether you are just dipping your toes into the fast lane of the new Formula 1, a lifelong fan of sportscar racing, or just in it for the fantasy league, or maybe you’ve built your own all show and all go tuner car, spent years wrenching on the perfect cruiser, or maybe you’ve never even owned a car at all and just love to hit up your local cars and coffee events on the weekend, there’s something for all levels of automotive enthusiasts here.

Hosted by:

Nick Engvall – Nick Engvall is a writer, content creator, strategist, and consultant who has helped brands like StockX, Finish Line, and Complex find their brand voice and niche in the content business. He’s an aspiring van-lifer with Honda’s Power of Dreams running through his veins.

Rohit Malhotra – Rohit Malhotra is a relapsing sneakerhead who enjoys podcasts, sports, and podcasts about sports. He’s relatively new to the automotive scene, but like the F1 cars he’s come to admire, he’s loud, flashy, and full of hot air. 

Todd Yates – Todd Yates is a gear head, racing fan, sneaker enthusiast. Todd has started and built up aftermarket parts companies and car communities. Knower of obscure facts and most importantly long-time Honey Badger fanboy.

This episode:

After what seems like years in the making, the Exhaust Notes Podcast is finally here. In our inaugural episode, Rohit takes on the role of Team Principal to lead the discussion on what it is about Formula 1 that makes it so exciting as a fan, why everyone should become an F1 fan, and how the recent excitement around the sport has changed things in recent years.

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