The Sneaker History Podcast Goes Live!

On Tuesday, March 16th, we will kick off SOUTHXSNEAKERS, a virtual live conversation series featuring sneaker enthusiasts, footwear designers, creators, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. Our goal with the event is to give attendees a better understanding of how the footwear industry works through these conversations, to showcase the opportunities through talks with individual creators and experienced industry professionals, and provide an atmosphere that encourages connection and conversation between the audience, panelists, and guests.

Panels for SOUTHXSNEAKERS include:

  • Tech + Sneakers – App Entrepreneurs
  • DIY Design – Hacking Your Own Way
  • Stepping Up Your Photo Game
  • Creating Content For Brands
  • It’s Her Time – Women In Footwear
  • Ending The Recycled Sustainability Buzzword
  • The Future Of Footwear Reviews
  • Podcasters Roundtable
  • YouTubers Roundtable
  • Agency Talk
  • + MORE

Live Podcasts By:

Follow SOUTHXSNEAKERS on Twitter and Instagram for updates. A complete schedule and list of speakers will be announced soon!

SNEAKER CONVOS, March 16-20th, 2021

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