What Are The Best New Signature Sneakers Out Right Now? You Will Be Surprised By These Picks 2

We pick the best new signature shoes from the NBA in this My Starting Five fantasy draft style episode.

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NBA Signature Shoes Available Now:

Way of Wade 9 – https://amzn.to/2WVaJU1

Jordan Zion 1 – https://fave.co/3DnXR8l

adidas Dame Lillard 7 – https://bit.ly/3lnU2Kg

PUMA LaMelo 1 – https://fave.co/3ahZpEB

Jordan Why Not – https://fave.co/3mB0Ovz

Curry Flow – https://ebay.us/OURApd

ETHICS Brand LG 1 – https://www.instagram.com/ethicsthebrand/

ANTA GH2 – https://ebay.us/OA0cGo

Nike KD 14 – https://fave.co/3FwSq9d

adidas Harden 5 – https://bit.ly/3oOMD8T

ANTA KT7 – https://ebay.us/tVAvuH

Nike LeBron 19 – https://fave.co/3mEMx0Q

adidas DON Issue 3 – https://bit.ly/3AqkEhO

Air Jordan 36 – https://fave.co/3Fn9Q7Y

adidas Trae Young 1 – https://bit.ly/3At2a0e

Under Armour Embiid – https://fave.co/3lrdRR3

Nike Zoom Freak – https://fave.co/3iLlNur

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