2020 Sneaker Resolutions and Releases We’re Excited About

On episode 84 of the podcast, we discuss our resolutions and goals for 2020, things we’d like to see happen in the coming year, our favorite sneaker releases, and some things we hope we never see again!

Rockin’ & Coppin’
Rockin’ adidas Pro Model 2G: https://fave.co/2QYjoOs
Coppin’ Nike Air Max 97 N64: https://fave.co/34r5PeZ

Rockin’ Slippers: https://fave.co/2sbsXkN
Coppin’ UBIQ x adidas Crazy BYW X 2.0: https://fave.co/35v4hlv

Rockin’ New Balance 997 NB1: https://fave.co/37KEGG6
Coppin’ Nike Air Max 90: https://fave.co/3073FRe

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